Princess Jellyfish live-action film review on Drama-MAX

Since I talked about the live-action Princess Jellyfish in the my year-end recap, I decided to write a full review for Drama-MAX.


Very rarely do female geeks get the same treatment as their male counterparts. They may be obsessive and awkward, but their quirks are endearing and adaptable to modern society. That’s what makes Princess Jellyfish so appealing. The geeks of this live-action adaptation are full on 40-Year-Old Virgin awkward, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno review at Drama-MAX

I gave a teaser of the awesomeness of Kyoto Inferno in my 2014 recap.  Now my full length review is available at Drama-MAX.
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Despite being a transition film, Kyoto Inferno contains enough backstory to not require knowledge of the manga/anime or the previous movie. The quiet moments are endearing, highlighting the relationships Kenshin built in the first movie. A new addition to his unusual team appears in the form of Misao Makimachi, played by the adorable Tao Tsuchiya. The young ninja’s optimism shines in the otherwise bleak movie. However, she is in for a wake-up call, as the man she loves, Aoshi Shinomori (Yusuke Iseya), has turned into a heartless killer out for Kenshin’s blood.

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Black Butler film review at Drama-MAX

A couple of week ago, I attended the Asian Film Festival of Dallas‘ screening of the live-action Kuroshitsuji.  As usual, Kareshi and I dressed up for the occasion… or rather, I dressed up in ouji kei and he went in his steampunk outfit with some encouragement.  He even won a prize for his outfit.


Photo by Angelie M.

Of course, I also wrote a review of it for Drama-MAX.


A return to monarchy, big pharma trying to control the 1%, and sexism galore—the future depicted in the live-action Black Butler (also known as Kuroshitsuji) is unappealing even if the fashion is splendidly fabulous. The film tries a little too hard to adhere to the original manga, hence the bleak setting and strange Victorian attitudes. Nevertheless, the quirky elements and interplay of light and darkness, human and supernatural make Black Butler compelling and unique.

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Space Battleship Yamato review at Drama-MAX

Two weeks ago, aoineko and I attended the Dallas International Film Festival‘s screening of Space Battleship Yamato. Of course, I could not resist writing a review of what I saw.

The live-action adaption of the classic anime, Space Battleship Yamato, has all the potential to be an epic space opera. A malevolent alien species called Gamilas threatens the existence of humanity, which decides to bank its chances on a Hail Mary mission carried out by the oddball crew of the Yamato. There’s cool special effects, tense action scenes, moments of tragedy and humor, and even a dash of romance.

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xxxHOLiC review at Drama-MAX

This review explains, in more detail, why I chose xxxHOLiC as the Best Drama of 2013.

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The live-action adaptation of CLAMP’s hit manga, xxxHOLiC (pronounced “holic”), is part gothic thriller and part fairy tale, wrapped up in a coming-of-age story. High schooler Kimihiro Watanuki (Shota Shometani) would rather be haunted by romantic feelings for his crush instead of ghosts so he makes a deal with the mysterious Yuko Ichihara (Anne Watanabe). As a result, he and his friends get pulled into her supernatural world of Faustian pacts and sinister secrets.

Gone are the cute creatures and comically exaggerated personalities from the manga and anime. The playful antagonism with Watanuki and Yuko is still present, but the characters are more somber…

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