Black Butler film review at Drama-MAX

A couple of week ago, I attended the Asian Film Festival of Dallas‘ screening of the live-action Kuroshitsuji.  As usual, Kareshi and I dressed up for the occasion… or rather, I dressed up in ouji kei and he went in his steampunk outfit with some encouragement.  He even won a prize for his outfit.


Photo by Angelie M.

Of course, I also wrote a review of it for Drama-MAX.


A return to monarchy, big pharma trying to control the 1%, and sexism galore—the future depicted in the live-action Black Butler (also known as Kuroshitsuji) is unappealing even if the fashion is splendidly fabulous. The film tries a little too hard to adhere to the original manga, hence the bleak setting and strange Victorian attitudes. Nevertheless, the quirky elements and interplay of light and darkness, human and supernatural make Black Butler compelling and unique.

Click here to read the rest.

Listening to:
“FRUSTRATE ME” by Soundwitch

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