Back in action

I’m officially announcing the end of my semi-hiatus (which sort of turned into a full-fledged one as I recovered from A-kon and focused on other aspects of my life).  I’ve figured out where I want to go with this blog so check out my About page for info.  The gist is that I want my readers to walk away having learned something, whether it’s being more aware of a social issue or just discovering an interesting part of Japan.  I will still link to my posts on JRock247, NekoPOP, and Drama-MAX, but I do want more original content.

I do still want to continue Beneath the Layers, but I don’t want to force interest.  If you would like to be interviewed, please don’t hesitate to contact me.   

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Semi-hiatus: rethinking purpose

I’m going on a semi-hiatus.  It’s not a full one because I will continue to update with work I do for JRock247, NekoPOP, and Drama-MAX.  However, I won’t be posting anything, and Beneath the Layers will continue to be on hold.

Blogging has somehow turned into this chore that has been making me stressed despite the enjoyment I get from writing.  At this point, I have three blogs (four if you count my inactive steampunk one), and I am a contributor to four others.  That’s too much for me to handle.

I’ve become unsure about where I want this blog to go.  I started it to continue the education readers of my travel blog got while I was doing JET.  It was also a way for me to combat reverse culture shock.  It’s been almost three years since I left Japan, and my interests have shifted, partly from getting involved in the J-music industry and partly from just changing as a person.

My editor wants to discuss the future of Japanese entertainment sites, and it has me thinking about whether this blog is becoming redundant.  I know I have my Sister Cities stuff, unpublished JET insights, different features about science and subcultures, and Beneath the Layers interviews.  I want to share those things, but I also want have a more active role in my journalism gig.  Can I do both?  Maybe, but there’s other things too that are higher priority and more unique than a Japanese culture blog.

I want to ask you the following: what parts about my blog do you like the most?  This may help me determine what I need to cut from here.   I’m really unsure about why I have this blog now, and so its future remains up in the air.  Therefore, let me take some time off to think and if you have some feedback, I would love to hear it.  In the meantime, enjoy the A-kon links I share.

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Welcome, you have stumbled into my classroom, dedicated to teaching others about Japanese culture. I will be focusing mainly on the “pop” aspects, but you can also expect anecdotes about living and working in Japan. If you would like to know more about this blog, please go to “About” page.

For those of you who have been following me on Livejournal, hisashiburi (long time no see). Instead of editing my blog, I decided to start anew. Some things are going to be different, and others will not have changed so much.

So sit up straight and pay attention. School with Hibari-sensei is back in session.

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