xxxHOLiC review at Drama-MAX

This review explains, in more detail, why I chose xxxHOLiC as the Best Drama of 2013.

2013recap2 photo 2013recap2_zps344756b3.jpg

The live-action adaptation of CLAMP’s hit manga, xxxHOLiC (pronounced “holic”), is part gothic thriller and part fairy tale, wrapped up in a coming-of-age story. High schooler Kimihiro Watanuki (Shota Shometani) would rather be haunted by romantic feelings for his crush instead of ghosts so he makes a deal with the mysterious Yuko Ichihara (Anne Watanabe). As a result, he and his friends get pulled into her supernatural world of Faustian pacts and sinister secrets.

Gone are the cute creatures and comically exaggerated personalities from the manga and anime. The playful antagonism with Watanuki and Yuko is still present, but the characters are more somber…

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Listening to: “sirius” by Eir Aoi

CLAMP Drama xxxHOLiC / Japanese TV Series
Japanese TV Series
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