Anna Tsuchiya Anime Matsuri 2015 live report at NekoPOP

Here’s another article from last month’s Anime Matsuri.  The con had Anna Tsuchiya as its headliner, and I got to cover her concert for NekoPOP.

The first couple of hazy guitar riffs drifted into the crowd, which grew excited with recognition. These were the first notes to Anna Tsuchiya’s most well-known hit, “rose” from the NANA anime series. For years, Anna won over American fans on the silver screen as the tough-talking yankii, Ichiko Shirayuri, in Kamikaze Girls, in the pages of fashion magazines, and through her music.

Click here to read the rest of the report.

Listening to: “Shout in the rain” by Anna Tsuchiya

Lucifer / Anna Tsuchiya
Anna Tsuchiya
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