2013 J-fashion adventures

2013 saw me cutting back on the J-fashion exploration.  I am still enamored with Japanese steampunk, especially after watching the video of the fashion show at Design Festa.  However, it feels too appropriative for me to attempt it so I stick to Western (as in British/American, not Wild West) and Chinese steampunk.

Unexpectedly I’ve become more interested in pin-up and rockabilly fashion.  I was excited to see Style-Arena list psychobilly as a new tribe since that fits my aesthetic more.  I haven’t had much luck finding Japanese pin-up fashion with the exception of Hime Carat in their “Body Rockabilly” PV:

I never got around to trying to do gyaru, and I’ve definitely stepped away from lolita. However, that didn’t stop me from having fun with my fellow lolis in a kodona outfit (yes, I know the shorts look way too short, but they kept riding up my thighs).

arboretum - tsurupettan1

arboretum - stereometric2
By Stereometric (http://www.flickr.com/photos/hikikolife/)

My favorite Japanese fashion-inspired outfit of the year is probably what I called “Neo-Victorian Vampire Knight”. I knew I wanted to do something gothic and more costume-y for the Steampunk Illumination Society Halloween meeting so I combined pieces of my Zero cosplay with more aristocrat style clothing. For 2013, I really wanted to do more androgynous and masculine looks, and in that aspect, I was successful.

I don’t have any style resolutions for 2014 beyond wearing whatever makes me feel good. Even if that means moving away from J-fashion completely, I can focus on just being myself.

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