AnimeFest 2015 cosplay and panels

I debated whether I should write up a report since I only attended late Friday afternoon and Saturday.  That time was mostly spent reporting on their concert and helping the Ladies of Power and thus didn’t really have much time to experience the cosplays and panels.  I had planned on going Sunday but was too physically exhausted.  Trying to work normally at your day job and do a con was not the greatest plan.

Maybe next time I’ll join the party…

Friday was mostly to get registered and see if I could catch Arina Tanemura, one of the guests of honor.  The former happened very quickly while the latter was a no-go.  There was a ticketing system for the animation guests of honor, which makes sense considering anime’s and the convention’s steady rise of popularity, but it was not communicated well at all.  I did get to attend Stephanie Young’s panel, “The Vixen’s Guide to Voice Acting and Life”.  She did a great job of tying in her body of work to female archetypes in order to dish out a bit of life advice. As I said, Saturday was devoted to work, but first I had photoshoots.  The Metal Gear Solid photoshoot was a lot of fun.  Many of my peers comment on how old they feel at AnimeFest.  While that may be true, the Metal Gear Solid crowd definitely had a higher median age.

This shot was dubbed “Evolution of Snake”.

If you missed the Ladies of Power panel, then you missed the opportunity to score some free prints.  You can purchase some at , and all proceeds with go to charity.  It was great to see people support female empowerment and to advise the younger ladies on how to deal with difficult situations that they may face.

Lady of Power Meghan as Sailor Cosmos

The con made me realize how out of touch with anime I’ve been since I could not recognize many of the cosplays.  At the same time, there are always classics, like Sailor Moon and Pokemon.  Speaking of which, I’ve noticed a steady increase in the number of Eevolution cosplayers and art.  It’s really interesting to see people’s interpretation of the Pokemon.

 photo IMAG0316_zpstbwh6rtf.jpg
Umbreon, Sylveon, and Eevee by Emily Page

AnimeFest is experiencing some growing pains, which can be extremely frustrating.  However I do appreciate that they are taking the time to ask for feedback and that they have expanded their panels to encompass more than just anime (my friend Kyatto did a panel on whales that was very popular).  I also am very glad for the volunteers who are stationed to help out with the A/V equipment and give five minute warnings.  I don’t think I ever thank con staff a lot so here’s to those who keep AFest and other conventions together.

Click here to see the rest of my pics.

Listening to: “left to cry there” by DAZZLE VISION

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