“28 Day of Black Cosplay” is a really cool hashtag started by Chaka Cumberbatch of Princess Mentality Cosplay for Black History Month.  Black cosplayers have faced a lot of racism, as well as a lack of representation in the media that they love, so this gives them a chance to find solidarity and proudly show off their hard work.  I’ve decided to use this opportunity to show off the cool black cosplayers I’ve met because they don’t always get the recognition that they deserve and maybe all the photos everyone is sharing will encourage others to not be afraid to take up cosplay.

I’m going to start off with a photo of Miss Cumberbatch herself as the lovely Princess Tiana from A-kon 23.
A-kon23 Friday03

Next is Samurai Pizza Kitten Cosplay as Zoe Washburn of Firefly. This past year, she participated in a race-based cosplay discussion panel at AnimeFEST called “Shades of Cosplay”.
SFE2012 - Firefly

Now both Tiana and Zoe are black characters, but cosplayers shouldn’t feel like they have to stick to their own race. Some people assume that the default race for anthropomorphized forms of non-humans like the TARDIS and My Little Ponies is white, which has led to hateful comments directed at artists and cosplayers who choose a different race. It’s an absolutely ridiculous notion, and Ashley here shows that a human form of the TARDIS can be any race of one’s choosing (even if one episode of Doctor Who made the box a white woman).

Not to leave out the male cosplayers, here is Rick Strife as… you guess it, Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII.
AM12 cosplay2

A few years back, I interviewed Mika, who is a black cosplayer currently living Japan. At one of the Sendai Comiket events, she dressed up as Multi from To Heart.
Sendai Comiket11

Even though most steampunks don’t consider their outfits to be “cosplay”, I wanted to include at least one black steampunk because the community has experienced the same issues as cosplay. This is Lucian Menkent of The Celestial Rogues.

Lastly we have Choco Marzipan Cosplay in an original outfit she put together a photoshoot I organized with our friends.

This is just a small sampler of the black cosplayers I’ve come across. I wish I knew the names of all the others because I’ve seen a lot of wonderful costumes that deserve to be featured with the proper credit. If you want more though, check out the “28daysofblackcosplay” hashtag on Twitter and Tumblr!

Listening to: “Rule Your World” by Crystal Kay

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