Hibari’s Hi 8: Top cosplay photos of 2014

Last year, I shared the top 5 most viewed cosplay photos I’d taken.  I’ve come to realize how silly it is to do five when I have a theme of eight with “Hibari’s Hi 8 Countdown”.  I also made an error by not crediting the wonderful cosplay when I know who they are.  So for my 2014 list, I’ve resolved to increase the number to eight, count backwards, and give proper credit when possible.

8. Nurse Joker and Scarecrow – Sci-fi Expo 2014
Sci-fi Expo14-9

7. Steampunk Faye Valentine, Cowboy Bebop – All-con X
All-con X Saturday01

6. Queen Amidala – Dallas Comic Con 2014

5. Barbarian from Diabolo and Nebula from Marvel (Schmall Cosplay and Reese)  – Dallas Comic Con 2014

4. “The Trouble with Tribbles” Captain Kirk (Cam Wilkinson) – Sci-fi Expo 2014
Sci-fi Expo14-7

3. Klingon family – Sci-fi Expo 2014
Sci-fi Expo14-8

2. Oscar the Grouch and his wife (The Zods) – All-con XAll-con X Saturday10

1. Catwoman and baby Batgirl (Kyatto and her beluga) – Dallas Comic Con 2014DCC14-08

Listening to: Mischievous of Alice” by Yousei Teikoku

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