Lustknot. reveals mental illness as reason for indefinite hiatus

Activities pauses are not uncommon in the world of J-rock.  Explanations are a little bit harder find, but there’s usually a vague statement to let fans know what’s going on.  However, the bands remain private.  That’s half of why the news of Lustknot.’s hiatus is so surprising: they gave a specific reason.

The other reasons is the reason itself.  Their vocalist Yuki suffers from dissociative identity disorder and can no longer continue with the band.  You can read a translation of the officiate statement at Shattered Tranquility.

This announcement is a big deal because there’s always been a stigma against mental disorder in Japan (and other parts of Asia too).  In a culture that places so much importance on a public face versus a private one, it’s no surprise that such disorders would be kept secret and that patients would be locked away.  That’s not to say there haven’t been reforms and better treatment, but just take a look at how Crown Princess Masako was treated after she was diagnosed with adjustment disorder.

I commend Lustknot. and their management for both bringing attention to an illness that isn’t visible and showing their support for Yuki.  It would’ve been easy to leave it at health issues and continue without him, but they chose not to.  Thank you Lustknot. for the music you have given us, and I wish Yuki the best.

Listening to: “Sakura Memento” by URBANGUARDE

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