Top 5 cosplay photos of 2013

When I was compiling my Top 5 Burlesque Photos of 2013 for Dieselpunks After Dark, I noticed that many cosplay photos got a ton of views on my Flickr. I decided that they deserved a list of their own so here are the top 5 most viewed cosplay photos of 2013.

1. Powerpuff Girls and Professor Utonium – Animefest 2013
AnimeFest 2013

2. Cammy and Guile of Street Fighter and Android 17 of Dragonball Z – A-kon 24

3. Black Cat and Catwoman – A-kon 24 (Flickr also called this the most interesting photo in my account.)

4. Zatanna – Dallas Fan Days 2013
Fan Days 2013 - Friday01

5. Sailor Twilight Sparkle (Sailor Moon/My Little Pony crossover) – A-kon 24

Listening to: “CAVALLARO” live by D’ERLANGER

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