Happy Cosplay Appreciation Day!

Last year, in response to a mean-spirited rant about female cosplayers, comic book artist Gail Simone deemed November 13 Cosplay Appreciation Day.  To celebrate, I honored everyone I interviewed for my Beneath the Layers project on my Tumblr.  This year, I’m posting here, and I would like to celebrate all the friends I’ve made through cosplay.

My first cosplay meet-up was at Oni-con 2005 for Megatokyo.  I’m glad I got over my shyness to meet up with new people.  Sadly we lost touch and I’ve forgotten his name, but it was fun running into each other at a couple of cons.

The next year at Oni-con, I got to know more cosplayers at the Amano Cosplay Contest, and I’m still in touch with Musoka and Jinxed Jem thanks to social media.  A funny thing about this is event is that it was the first time Amaya De’Morte and I crossed paths; we wouldn’t formally meet in person until years later.

J, Kate, and Musoka

When I was in Japan, I got a couple of my fellow ALTs to go to events with me.  One of them introduced me to her cosplay-loving buddies.  I also met Dolly on Cure (the Japanese cosplay site), and we wound up forming a Vampire Knight group.

Amy, Dolly, me, and Mika

When I returned to the U.S., I wound up getting into sci-fi cosplay and met some cool people, like Tim and Greg who would invite me to join their steampunk airship.

Sci-fi Expo 2010 photo 28761_570364937375_2564251_n_zps8692e770.jpg
Photo by Samantha

The photo below really sums up how awesome it is to have cosplay buddies (some of them I met through steampunk, but we just like dressing up).  We got together two years ago to take pictures in costume.  Everybody met someone new that day, and we had a ton of fun.  I would do this again in a heartbeat, and I just enjoy hanging out with these folks.
Arboretum shoot photo DSA_1161_zps889bba71.jpg
Photo by Sam Hsu.
Tari Telrunya, Richard, Satan-chan, Courtney, Choco Marzipan Cosplay, me, Kareshi (whom I met not through cosplay but through cons), and Callie Calypso

This is a fraction of the great people I’ve met while in costume.  Yeah, the attention is great, and the drama that sometimes ensures is not.  However, some of my close friends were originally cosplay buddies and I’ve also gotten to know people better through going to cons and events so I’m glad to have cosplayers in my life.

Listening to: “TOUGH BOY” by MEG

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