HEY WHAT’S UP? review at NekoPOP

Do you want to know what’s up?  My review of Jin Akanishi’s latest single, HEY WHAT’S UP? 


Back in March, Jin Akanishi broke his hiatus, which lasted over a year and a half, with the release of HEY WHAT’S UP? The single anticipated the summer with the upbeat melodies and seasonally appropriate lyrics. It also marked Akanishi’s shift from R&B to dance.

The title track features light synths that convey an easy-going mood. It has a good steady beat for dancing, but it lacks a strong bass to get the energy up.

Hope on over to NekoPOP to read the rest.

Edit: I made a goof on the release month, which was actually August.

Listening to: “Devil Side” by VAMPS

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