NSDP @ A-Kon 24 – live report on JRock247

My write-up of NSDP’s performance at A-kon this year is up on JRock247, complete with photos I took.


NSDP is as unapologetically raw as the string of words that make up the acronym: night, spit, death, pain. They’re teeming with in-your-face energy, and they operate with no frills or pomp. To the sound of the cheering A-kon crowd mixed with their own instrumental intro, they calmly walked to their places ready to bust loose.

When the intro faded, SHUE started to pound away at the drums while YUI churned out the heavy riffs of “painkiller”. Vocalist Atsushi, also known as “Ash”, alternated between rapping and screaming. Before the next song, everyone except SHUE crouched down. Ash had the audience follow suit and jump on command with the band.

Click here to read the rest of the report.

Listening to: “blind” by NSDP

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