Tohoku Tomo

March 11 came and went fairly quietly.  However, no matter how good of day it is or how much fun I had the weekend before, a somber mood takes over as I remember what has been lost to the earthquake and tsunami.  Japan has made remarkable progress in rebuilding, but this isn’t something the country will get over quickly.  Just from talking to survivors during the Grassroots Summit last fall, I got a sense of how much pain is lingering.  I admire their strength, and I will continue to show my support.

With that, I present the Tohoku Tomo Kickstarter.

One of my fellow Miyagi JETs, Wesley Julian, is creating a documentary that highlight the volunteer efforts that has helped the Tohoku region get back on its feet.  The organization he focuses on are all founded by JETs: Save Miyagi, Smile Kids Japan, Volunteer Akita, and JETAA Chicago.  The film will focus on all the different individual efforts and highlight the love of Japan that has driven these people to lend a helping hand.

Please check out the Kickstarter, as well as the official Tohoku Tomo website.

Tohoku Tomo photo 1461d417-c478-4c88-bf5c-6a8f96681cd0_zpsfc85f202.jpg
Listening to: “Ninja ri Bang Bang” by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

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