Remain in MONOBRIGHT review at JRock247

My review of MONOBRIGHT’s greatest hits album, Remain in MONOBRIGHT, has been posted on JRock247.

A band obviously loves their songs when they don’t stop at thirteen songs in their greatest hits. MONOBRIGHT’s nineteen-song compilation includes both the more popular singles and the hidden gems from their albums. Remain in MONOBRIGHT is a fun ride with many twists and turns along the way.

Yosuke Momono’s vocals can be harsh at times, but there is no denying the passion and honesty behind them. As the title suggests, “NAMIDARO FRUSTRATION” has him practically growling out some of the lyrics, yet he remains so beautifully in control. There’s angst without whining. In “Ano Toumeikan to Shonen”, Momono displays a youthful excitement every time he stresses a syllable. Guitarist Shogo Matsushita steps in as a secondary voice with his wailing solo. Of course, there’s also the “hoo hoo”s that make the song even more lighthearted and free. MONOBRIGHT’s aggressive side comes through in “EIYUU NOVA” with Momono practically shouting over the heavy guitar riffs and rumbling bass.

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Listening to: “WARP” by MONOBRIGHT

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