International Lolita Day

Today is the second International Lolita Day of 2011.  It is a day for Lolitas around the world to get together and proudly show off their frilly outfits.   Wait, don’t Lolitas do that more than two days of the year?

That is true for most, but International Lolita Day was created by a member of the egl Livejournal community named kittyhot (with input from others) to increase the visibility of Lolita.  It’s a chance for those who may hesitate to dress up for fear of being the only person in town with a petticoat; some people just feel more comfortable in a large group.  This was also a way to strengthen the bonds between Lolitas from all around the world.

To accommodate different seasons, which may impact a person’s decision to wear Lolita, there are two International Lolita Days: one on the first Saturday of June and the other on the first Saturday of December.  Originally kittyhot had proposed the gathering to be on Sunday, as it would mimic the gatherings of fashion enthusiasts in Harajuku.  However, because Sunday is typically regarded as a day of rest and worship in the West, the day was changed to Saturday.  The first International Lolita Day took place on December 3, 2005.  Six years later, Lolitas (along with their boystyle counterparts) from around the world are still getting together and sharing their love of this fashion style.

Other plans are keeping me from attending the meet-up in my area (which was moved to tomorrow), but here’s a photo from the summer International Lolita Day gathering:
Lolita Day Social5

The great thing about International Lolita Day is that it helps dispel the myth that you must be a girl under 25 of a certain size or race to dress in Lolita fashion. You can be a high school student, a parent, a skinny girl, a curvy girl, a guy, any race, any religion (these Muslim Lolis have some adorable coordinates). Wherever you are, wear your frills (or dandy outfits) proudly!

Since we’re talking about Lolita and Christmas is fast approaching, here is a great guide from Geek Menina on what to get the Lolita in your life. Because all Lolis have at least a moderate interest in the country that produced this subculture, I also suggest these calendars, which donate proceeds to aid the victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami last March.

Listening to: “Intermezzo” by Kalafina

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