Japan Aid Update

It has been a while since I’ve updated with earthquake and tsunami relief information.  The news in America has all but ceased coverage, and life in some areas have returned to normal.  However, rebuilding entire towns takes years so this post serves a dual purpose of showing that every little bit does count for something and of keeping you updated on more charity opportunities.

When I made my post about Japanese celebrities helping out, I hadn’t seen the blog posts by Sugizo of Luna Sea and X Japan.  He actually took the time to go down to Ishinomaki to help out.

My friend and tsunami survivor Canon Purdy recently traveled back to Minamisanriku to hand over the money she raised through her SaveMiyagi charity.  She has updated the blog section of the site with pictures of the rebuilding.  She plans on continuing to raise money and is currently helping out in Ishinomaki with Peace Boat.

One of my Tome sempai, Lucy Onodera, notified me about a charity run her sisters were doing in England.  They’re collecting money to buy school supplies and other necessities for orphaned children.

Speaking of Tome, the city’s mayor sent a letter to Southlake’s mayor expressing his gratitude towards the citizens of Southlake who dedicated their time and money to helping out their sister city.  Remember this banner from the Southlake 4 Japan benefit concert?  It’s currently on display in Tome’s city hall.
ssc banner

A couple weeks ago, the steampunk event Anachronism III took place in New York.  The theme was “A Visit to Edo”, and part of proceeds went to various earthquake relief efforts.  If you missed out, you can still donate to the steampunk-helmed charity Rising Phoenix Circle

If you didn’t catch the Cosplay for a Cause link in my Guide to Cosplay, here it is again.  The profits from the calendar sales will go to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Blogger La Carmina, actor Sebastiano Serafini, and Soho Hearts are selling a necklace to help the Sendai government in rebuilding areas of the Miyagi Prefecture.
pray for japan necklace
Photo from La Carmina

Smile Kids Japan and Living Dreams have teamed up to help children affected by the disaster by providing basic necessities, toys, school supplies, and counseling services. Smile Kids Japan also contains a video with an update on Taylor Anderson’s Memorial Fund.  Kyodo News also reports that her family has donated money for books to all the schools she taught at.

There will be a free benefit concert at Corner Stone Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas tomorrow.  Donations will go to aid Kesennuma Elementary School and Utatsu Junior High.  If you can’t attend but would like to help, please contact me and I will give you information on where to donate.
FW benefit concert
Check out the concert’s webpage for messages from Japanese athletes and the office of George W. Bush.

It’s great to see so much hard work and dedication being put to helping out those in need.  Let’s continue to show Japan our support.

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