In response to earthquake, Rice holds Reverse NanoJapan

Just a quick post about something cool my alma mater is doing to help Japan out after the earthquake and tsunami (it’s old news but I just got their email update with this press release). Rice University has a program called NanoJapan that sends 25-30 undergraduates to research facilities all over Japan for summer internships and a chance to learn about Japanese culture alongside nanotechnology. One of its partnerships is with Tohoku University, which is not in any shape to host students. The people in charge of the program have decided that instead of sending Rice students to Japan, they would open up Rice’s labs to Japanese students whose research has been affected by the earthquake. Various groups at Rice are working together to make this possible. すごいね? (Sugoi ne?; Cool, huh?)

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  1. Sam

     /  June 3, 2011

    SOOOOOO cool! What a treat for Rice students (in the past) – I’m envious. And its great that Rice is returning the favor.. I’d be a bit sad though, not being able to go to Japan and study there (from the viewpoint of a Rice student).


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