Another tragic loss in the JET community

It is with great sadness that I bring the news that the body of Montgomery “Monty” Dickson has been found.  He has been missing since the tsunami struck; the last contact he made was with his girlfriend, minutes after the earthquake.  Although I didn’t know Monty, comments on the news reports say that he was an intelligent and kind teacher and friend with a joie de vivre.   My heart goes out to his family, friends, and girlfriend who have been waiting the past three weeks for news.

I can’t believe nearly a month has passed since the earthquake and tsunami.  Some areas are slowly getting back on their feet, but there are still thousands of people missing and the looming shadow of nuclear disaster.  Please continue to keep Japan in your thoughts and to continue donating.

More ways to donate:

More events
If you’re in the San Francisco area, check out Dance for Japan out in Burlingham on April 8 from 10 PM-2 AM. Donations will go to Architecture for Humanity.

Flood of Emotion: Artists Healing Japan Fundraiser is happening this Saturday (April 9) from 7 PM-12 AM in Dallas. Local artists, musicians, and poets will provide various forms of entertainment, and there will be over 200 items auctioned off.  The money will go towards the Japan-America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth Sendai Relief Fund.  Before you head off to the event, consider grabbing dinner at Sushi Zushi. Throughout the month of April, they will donate all edamame and miso soup sales to Red Cross efforts.

Houstonians need not be left out.  The annual Japan Festival of Houston is taking place April 9 and 10 in Hermann Park. They will be collecting donations to the Japan Red Cross.

I’ve already mentioned this, but the Japan Society of New York has organized Concert for Japan for their earthquake relief fund.  It’s an all-day event on April 9.  Gala block tickets are sold out, but you can still catch New York Suwa Taiko Association, Cocolo Japanese Gospel Choir, echostream, DJ Aki, and many more for just $5.

In Miyagi’s sister state of Delaware, the governor and his wife will be among the guests at the luncheon fundraiser on April 14 from 12-2 PM in Dover.  Donations will go to the Delaware Fund for Miyagi, Japan.  Two days later, there will be a Japanese Cultural Affair fundraiser with educational activities, displays, and food.

Don’t forget to check out Canon Purdy’s Save Miyagi for more events, news, interesting articles, and updates on her charity.

Also, JETs and friends of JETs all over the world are making paper cranes in honor of Taylor Anderson, Monty Dickson, and everyone else who has died or is still missing.  Cranes are a symbol of longevity, peace, and good luck so let’s send a message of hope to all those who have been affected by this tragedy.

Updated April 7, 2011 4:21 PM
A 7.1 earthquake struck off the coast of Miyagi today. This is the biggest aftershock Japan has experienced since March 11. So far my friends with Internet access have said they’re fine but the power has been knocked out.

A charity I didn’t include on my huge list a few posts back is Peace Boat. Their volunteers have been hard at work since March 16. The site tells you how to donate money, supplies, and time.

Canon has posted a link of restaurants in San Francisco that are pitching in. If you live there, consider dining out at one of those places.

Southlake is giving a hand to its sister city, Tome, by collecting donations. There will also be a charity concert featuring local bands, organized by one of the students who participated in the exchange program between the cities (the same one that made me interested in JET), on May 7th from 6PM – 9PM in Southlake Town Square.

Lastly, my friend and fellow writer, Stuart Stutzman will donate all profits made from his two books, Hipster Chick and Bipolar Summer, to the JASDFW Sendai Relief Fund. Purchase them here.

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