Rankings – Ideal Japanese Couples

Since I posted a rather disheartening article about marriage in Japan, I thought I would lift everyone’s faith in romance with celebrity couples who have made it work.   The Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company and goo ranking had surveys asking people for their ideal married celeb couple back in November.  They seem to have targeted different demographics as the results differed greatly. I will be revealing the top three from both, the ages of the couple, and the number of years they have been married.

Here are the results from the Meiji Yasuda survey (from aznwave.com):
3. Chisato Moritaka (actress/singer, 41) and Yosuke Eguchi (actor/singer, 43) – 11 years
2. Narumi Yasuda (actress, 44) and Noritake Kinashi (Margaret from Yazima Beauty Salon, 48) – 16 years
1. Momoe Yamaguchi (former singer, 52) and Tomokazu Miura (actor, 59) – 30 years

Here are the result from the goo ranking survey (from Tokyohive):
3. Akane Osawa (actress/model, 25) and Gekidan Hitori (comedian, 34) – almost 2 years
2. Otoha (gravure idol/singer, 30) and Takashi Fujii (comedian, 38) – 5 years
1. Marina Watanabe (TV personality, 30) and Jun Nagura (comedian, 42) – 5 years

It appears that Meiji Yasuda’s survey group favored older, more established couples whereas goo’s focused on the younger, currently popular celebrities. Newlyweds and twenty-somethings, including the highly romanticized pair of Ayaka and Hiro Mizushima (I say highly romanticized because the media made a big deal about him marrying her after she made the announcement about her illness and taking a break from acting to be with her), didn’t really rank high on either the list.

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