Top Japanese baby names for 2010

Mainichi Japan has reported that the top baby names for 2010 in Japan, according to a survey conducted by Benesse Corp., are 「蓮」 (Ren) for boys and 「結愛」 (Yua) for girls.  The Kanji for “Ren” means “lotus” while the Kanji for “Yua” means “bound affection”.

Other popular names for boys include 「大翔」 (Hiroto), which was the previous number one name, and 「颯太」 (Souta).  The characters in “Hiroto” mean “large” and “soar” while the characters in “Souta” mean “suddenly” and “thick”.  Rounding out the top three for girls is 「結衣」 (Yui), which consists of the Kanji for “bound” and “clothing”, and  「葵」 (Aoi), the name for a variety of plants including the hollyhock.

What do you think of these names?


Just for fun, I thought I would list some namesakes for the top three.  These include real names, stage names, and fictional characters.

1. 結愛 – Yua (Colorful Wish)

2. 結衣 – Yui Aragaki (actress – Code Blue); Yui Inaba (Flyable Heart)

3. 葵 – Aoi Tada (voice actress – Cowboy Bebop); Aoi no Ue (The Tale of Genji); Aoi (guitarist of the Gazette – yes, he uses the same Kanji)


1. 蓮 – Ren Honjo (NANA); Ren Akiyama (Kamen Rider Ryuuki); Ren Yagami (actor/singer – The Prince of Tennis musical)

2. 大翔 – Hiroto Ito (actor – Tsubakiyama Kacho no Nanoka-kan); Hiroto Suzuki (Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!! ~Yo-nin no Suzuki-kun~)

3. 颯太 – Souta Inaba (Dream Saga)

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